Vegetable Grafting of a Tomato | Naples, FL

Vegetable grafting, in particular tomatoes, is big business here in Florida where 50% of domestically produced tomatoes are grown. Grafting is done to produce tomatoes that have a great taste quality in addition to resistance to pest and fungal pressures. Tube Grafting is done over a 5 week period, starting with planting the rootstock and the scion. Grafts are made after 12-19 days from seeding. These grafted plants are then moved to the healing chamber, where they must have high humidity 85-95% RH and have constant temps of 75-80F. During the healing process, the plant forms a callus and reconnects the vascular bundles within the stem.  Tim and I grafted grape tomatoes, roma tomatoes as well as round tomatoes today. They are in the healing chamber and will come out on Monday, Oct 14th to become acclimated and then planted in a soiless Square Foot Garden. The other seedlings have been put in the AeroGarden.IMG_3289Grafting is not necessary in aquaponic and hydroponic production and is generally only used in soil-based production, but it was a fun test ! Thank you Monica Ozores-Hampton, PhD.

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