Construction progress | More clearing, bees and trusses

More clearing at the Goat Barn – Before and After

IMG_3549 IMG_6448

The inside of the goat barn. Looks like we still have plenty of work to do.




European Honey Bees arrived this week under the moonlight with more to come! Thanks Rob!

During the day, approximately 30% of the hive colony is outside the hive foraging. These foraging honey bees return to their hives as it gets dark, so that makes it best to move hives at night when the entire colony of bees is inside rather than leaving 30% behind.  A full moon makes it much easier to see what you are doing and where you are going; therefore, experienced beekeepers move their hives under the cycle of the full moon, in particular the migratory beekeepers that move their hives around to take advantage of different bloom times of the local ecology.



Time to put together the trusses (chords) for the greenhouses.  It’s like an overgrown erector set, good thing we had lots of practice as kids. Thank you mom and dad!! 🙂


Did I mention these are heavy!!

35 feet wide and 7 1/2 feet tall and they will have to be lifted on top of the 10 ft sidewall posts of the greenhouseIMG_3574IMG_3582

Time to call more friends to help with the install after the posts are in 🙂