Construction Update | DWC rafts and system is cycling


This week was raft week…lots of holes. 23 per large raft x 20 and 18 per small raft x 12 , plus a few spares. These are going into the DWC (deep water culture) part of the system that is 4 ft by 36 ft and will be able to accommodate 676 plants! Now, that’s efficient farming 🙂


A big thanks for brother, Mike, for helping make lots and lots of holes.


Small raft with holes (left) and same raft, including 2″ net pots (right)

Next stop in the DWC they go (along with some AeroGarden lettuce starts)!


Our system has started cycling using fishless cycling methodology that involves using powdered ammonia and nitrifying bacteria to avoid stress on fish and fish loss. It also helps to kickstart the nitrification cycle.

If you are having problems cycling an aquaponics system, click here for Sylvia Bernstein’s top 10 reasons your aquaponics system isn’t cycling.