Farm update | Seeds, seeds and tomato update


Organic seeds were planted in our float trays using blend of coconut coir, vermiculite and earthworm castings. We make the mix ourselves, so we can be sure what is in it.

We use organic seeds to make sure we don’t have any that are GMO (genetically modified organisms). GMOs are in large part the reason our family farm was born. We are truly disheartened that 70-80% of the foods in grocery stores today is contain GMOs.  To learn more about GMOs, you can start here. Then simply google monsanto or gmo and you’ll find more information that you never wanted to know about how the government is involved, along with big biotech and big Ag. Ah, but then maybe you will start your own organic farm and we can all start to make a difference together! Even if you decide that you don’t want to grow your own food, then PLEASE vote with your grocery dollars by supporting the small local family farms and take the time to know your farmer….


Tomatoes are blooming and starting to fruit…these were transplanted from the grafting class back in October. They had a rough start, but are coming along quite nicely.IMG_4223