Farm update | NEW BioChar Stove | TLUD gasifier

Our dear friend, Christoph, from BioChar Central delivered a CharBot (BioChar stove) this weekend. We are soooo excited! Heat index was only 103F …smokin’ hot, but nothing stopped us from the test burn.


Farmer Tim and Christoph from BioChar Central from Atlanta, GA

The DIY BioChar stove that we previously built is known as a retort style kiln. The new one is a TLUD (top lit up draft) gasifier. Both use pyrolysis to convert the biomass to char via the process of carbonization.

The retort process is anoxic (without oxygen) and essentially bakes the raw biomass to drive off the volatiles and tarry gasses. Due to this anoxic procedure, the biochar produced can vary significantly from batch to batch and even within the same batch due to temperature variations inside that cannot be controlled using the retort.

TLUD CharBot

TLUD CharBot BioCharCentral

The TLUD is a gasifier in which the dry biomass is transformed into combustible gasses and charcoal in a zone that is distinctly and controllably separate from where the volatile gasses are combusted, which makes it a much more controlled burn and that’s important at 600C.

Yes, there’s a lot of technical minutia in the world of biochar. One last and most important thing to know is that when the material comes out of the stove, it is simply Char…this char must be charged with compost or other organic, microbe and nutrient rich materials for at least 30 days to become the beneficial biochar that’s raved about as a soil amendment.


But wait there’s more – over 50 uses for biochar!  Now you know why we love this stuff!

BioChar Soil Benefits

Soil Functions of BioChar                                                                      Info courtesy of BioCharCentral