Farm Update | Visitors from Oregon and BSF explosion in growth

  This week we had some visitors from Damascus, Oregon. Tried to make them farm hands, but they escaped after half a day!

Farmer Tim's sister, Peg, brother in-law Keene and great niece, Amira.

IMG_6115IMG_6113 Farmer Tim’s sister, Peg, brother in-law, Keene, and great niece,                              Amira, who did a fabulous job feeding the tilapia.


Eggs every day now…yet only half of the girls have started laying.The green/olive and blue ones are from the Americauna and the various shades of brown/pink are from theRhode Island Reds.IMG_7846

There’s been a massive hatching of black soldier fly larvae in the biocomposter…never seen so many at one time before. They are consuming more than 2 pounds of food scraps per day.

Chickens are happy…they love to eat these and get about 100+/day of them (2-3 oz)     along with the non-GMO feed.