Aquaculture America | Seattle, WA

Aquaponics Association at Aquaculture America in Seattle, WA


Aquaponics Association Executive Board members -Meg Stout chairperson, Adam Cohen vice chair and  Astrid Hartleb secretary (left to right)


Busy booth all 3 days


Jason, Adam, Charlie Shultz, Meg and Astrid (left to right)

IMG_4639Meg, Dr. Rakocy, Astrid, Adam (left to right)

Dr. Rakocy is known as the Father of Aquaponics through all his aquaponics research at the University of the Virgin Islands

10 Guidelines for Aquaponics


Construction progress | doors and fish tanks and rain barrels


Doors are installed and hardware cloth is in.

Thank you Danny at Fabritech for the door frames!







Two 1,550 gallon fish tanks coming up!




Thank you Daryle for having a truck and trailer big enough to haul our two 1550 gallon fish tanks to the farm!


Time to clean our treasures! IMG_3277