At GreenView Aquaponics, we feel very strongly about reducing our carbon footprint and finding ways to reuse and repurpose as many waste streams into as many useful things as possible.

One of our goals is sustainability and that involves recycling and repurposing unwanted materials destined for the landfill! Below are some of the items we will pick up at your location/s to be recycled and repurposed on our farm in Cape Coral. These items will be used to build various farm structures and animal habitats. Please set these items aside (preferably not in dumpster) and send a text to Tim to schedule a pick up 239-691-4489.  Not sure if it’s something we can use, send us a quick eMail with picture and we can let you know within 24 hours.

As an additional bonus for helping us and the environment, we will list all businesses that participate on our blog with a link to the business’ website and give a shout-out on our Facebook Page!

Anyone out there being hooked up to City of Cape Coral Utilities in the current City Utilities Expansion area? We will pick up any used well equipment; in particular, aerator tanks, well pumps and RO units since we use them for rainwater collection at the farm to refill our aquaponics systems. Please ask your friends and neighbors to recycle their used well equipment with our small farm rather then cutting them in half and sending them to the landfill. We’d be very grateful and will gladly pick them up same day as the plumber comes. Just contact us via private message or eMail. THANK you!!

See below for other items we recycle, please tell your neighbors and your friends! The more items we can recycle, the more each us can help with not only the sustainability of our farm, but also in the reduction of needless waste.

Thank you for your help and commitment to be green by saving one block or stick of lumber or well tank at a time!  🙂

 GreenView Aquaponics Well Equipment Recycling Program (pdf brochure)

for Cape Coral Residents in the new Utilities Expansion Area

GreenView Aquaponics Recycling Program (pdf brochure)

for Contractors and Home Builders.

Contractors that have supported our recycling efforts:


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