Farm Update | Greenhouse Construction End wall posts and Facebook

Lots of Shouts of THANKs (and Lots of RAIN this week)!!

First and foremost to Rob Hartman of the Bee’s Choice Farms, for giving a fellow farmer a hand and helping to get 8 greenhouse endwall posts up and prepped for concrete over 2 days with lots of rain delays.  Thanks again!

GreenView Aquaponics Family Farm and Apiary Greenhouse

Greenhouse Endwall Posts – Thank you Rob!

To Richard, for stopping by at the right time and pitching in on prepping the last 3 posts for before the scheduled concrete arrived.

GreenView Aquaponics Family Farm & Apiary Greenhouse Build

Thank you Richard !

To Willie at Arnold Brothers, for bringing yet another on-time ready mix delivery!

GreenView Aquaponics Family Farm & Apiary Greenhouse Build

Thank you Willie!

GreenView Aquaponics Family Farm & Apiary Greenhouse Build

Posts Filled

To Dale at Lamar Outdoor Advertising, for a surprise visit and special delivery!

To Global Fence for recycling with us by bringing a used fence that we can repurpose.  The chickens, earthworms and future rabbits will be grateful for the structures we can build with the wood. One less truckload to the landfill 🙂

Alas…then came the rains again….poor Farmer Tim!  Tidying up the pours on the last 8 posts and clean up in a torrential down pour 😦

GreenView Aquaponics Family Farm & Apiary Greenhouse Build

Finishing last posts in the rain

GreenView Aquaponics Family Farm & Apiary Greenhouse Build

GreenView Aquaponics Family Farm & Apiary Greenhouse Build

Yup, still raining, but finally done!







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ECHO | North Fort Myers FL


ECHO Research Farm Tour

Today, it was all about sustainability and appropriate technology (using what you have to make what you need). ECHO is an amazing farm that teaches missionaries how to make the most of their resources and specific gardening environments while fighting hunger worldwide. Thank you Craig for the behind the scenes tour!


Biogas Digest


Bamboo Bike


Ram Pump

ECHO Tour IMG_5872 IMG_5822 ECHO Tour IMG_5956                           If you haven’t been to ECHO yet, you don’t know what you are missing.  Make sure you catch a tour at ECHO! You will definitely learn something new on either of their two tours. ECHO’s Global Farm Tour is a fascinating walking tour of the most creative working farm you have ever experienced. You will find demonstrations, plants, and techniques useful to farmers and urban gardeners in developing countries and learn all about ECHO’s mission of helping the poor help themselves.  Experience seven settings of the Global Farm and taste tropical leaves while you explore rain-forest habitats, stop at a simulated rural school and witness urban gardening techniques that allow gardens on rooftops. You will also see some of our simple technologies and visit our friendly farm animals: goats, chickens, ducks, tilapia, and rabbits….and if that is not enough to entice you, ECHO has one of the largest collections of tropical food plants in the United States. Appropriate Technology tour  discover simple technologies made from local or recycled materials that can improve lives.  Learn how sand can be used to filter water, how manure can be converted into energy, even how a bicycle can be used to run a power saw!

Construction progress | rain barrels and deep water culture trough plus media bed

Final plumbing of the first run diverters and connection to the storage barrels.
The marvels of a ping pong ball when it comes to diverting water.


Liner in the deep water culture trough


The last of the media bed framing in place. Next comes insulation and liner 🙂


Construction progress | doors and fish tanks and rain barrels


Doors are installed and hardware cloth is in.

Thank you Danny at Fabritech for the door frames!







Two 1,550 gallon fish tanks coming up!




Thank you Daryle for having a truck and trailer big enough to haul our two 1550 gallon fish tanks to the farm!


Time to clean our treasures! IMG_3277