Florida Herb Planting Guide

HERB Growth Cycle Propagation When to Plant/Grow Spacing Part Used Harvest
Anise annual seed Seed in fall/spring + grow in winter 4-12″ seeds when seeds turn brown
Basil annual seed Seed in early fall/spring 4-12″ leaves as needed
Borage annual seed Seed in fall/spring 4-12″ flowers as needed
Caraway biennial seed 3-12″ seeds lightly unripe
Cardamon perennial division 18″ seeds lightly unripe/dry capsule 3 days
Catnip perennial seed/cuttings Seed in spring 12″ leaves as needed
Chervil annual seed Seed in spring/fall 12″ leaves as needed
Chives perennial seed/division 8″ leaves as needed
Coriander?cilantro annual seed Seed in fall/winter/spring 2-12″ seeds/leaves when ripe/as needed
Costmary perennial seed/division 12″ leaves as needed
Cumin annual seed Seed in fall/spring 1″ seeds when ripe
Dill annual seed Plant in Nov/Dec/Spring 4-12″ seedheads 65 days
Fennel perennial seed Seed in fall/early winter 4-12″ seeds/leaves 2nd year when ripe/as needed
Garlic perennial cloves Seed in Oct-Jan 6″ bulbs when mature
Ginger perennial root division 24″ rhizome 1 year when mature
Ginseng perennial seed/seedlings Seed in spring 12″ root when mature 5-7 years
Horehound perennial seed/cuttings seed in spring 12″ leaves before bloom
Lemon Balm perennial seed/cuttings 12″ Leavess as needed
Lovage perennial seed/plants 12″ Leaves as needed
Marjoram perennial seed/cuttings seed in early spring 12″ leaves as needed
Mint perennial cuttings/division 12″ leaves as needed
Oregano perennial division plant in spring 24″ leaves dry leaves
Parsley biennial seed seed in late fall/winter 6-12″ leaves as needed
Rosemary perennial seed/cuttings 24″ leaves as needed
Sage perennial seed/cuttings seed fall/spring 18″ leaves as needed
Savory perennial seed/cuttings 12″ leaves as needed
Tarragon perennial cuttings/division plant in spring 12″ leaves as needed
Thyme perennial seed/cuttings seed fall/early spring 12″ leaves/flowers as needed

Click here for more information on Herbs in Florida


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