Mote Marine Aquaculture Field Station | Sarasota FL

Mote Marine is doing some fascinating things to help in the saltwater world.  We got a behind the scenes tour of their Aquaculture Field Station, where they have a very large recirculating salt water research facility, including saltwater greenhouses. A Siberian sturgeon farm to hatch eggs and then grow out the sturgeon as well as a processing plant for caviar and sturgeon.

Their Broodstock research and facilities are helping to reintroduce snook, red drum, and pompano back into the Gulf of Mexico to help re-establish some of the dwindling populations. The winter of 2010 was particularly cold and started a mass fish kill (see video below), not to mention the BP Oil spill in the same year.  Thank you Carol for the tour of this part of the research facility.

Mote Marine Field Station Tour Broodstock Research Facility

Broodstock Research Saltwater Facility Tour   Thanks Carol!

Mote Marine Field Station Tour

Mote Marine Broodstock FacilityMote Marine Broodstock Facility

Mote Marine Broodstock FacilityMote Marine Broodstock Facility










Dr. Kevan Main took over for the saltwater greenhouse and the sturgeon facilities. Very impressive!

Mote Marine Saltwater Greenhouse

Dr Kevan Main at Saltwater Greenhouse

Mote Marine Saltwater Greenhouse








And then came the sturgeon hatchling room and lots of grow out tanks – Wow!

And then came the sturgeon facilities!  

Mote Marine Sturgeon Facility

Mote Marine Sturgeon Facility





Here’s how you can help Mote!

Video for more on the 2010 Fish Kill in Florida